Our Story

Back in the days…

I always rebelled. I barely passed high school. I didn't finish college. I always loved fashion since I was a kid, I was fascinated by the colour combinations, different materials and textures. And I still am.

I couldn't get into multimedia publishing in college due to a lack of a portfolio and my lower than average grades.

I said to myself "if they can't give me the opportunity, I'll make my own".

I bring my ideas & my thoughts to fruition.

We specialize in unisex clothing, taking inspiration from pop culture of the 90's, music, etc.

For our logo we chose the dunce. Why ?




Google defines a dunce as 

  1. a person who is slow at learning; a stupid person.
    "he was baffled by arithmetic and they called him a dunce at school"
    stupid person

 I was told I was all of these things by my teachers, not all the time but sometimes. 

In 2021, we take take pride in our eco-friendly approach! Everything from creating a product that's good for the environment which made from recycled materials to changing our processes that is sustainable is a big challenge for us but we'll do anything to make the planet more greener all while still being an affordable Canadian clothing brand!


DRPT CO. is now a eco-conscious brand!