Spring is around the corner!

Spring is around the corner!

Let the warmer weather welcome us with more sunlight to bask in, the sound of birds and more outdoor activities for us to enjoy !

Here's my list if things to do during Spring 2022!


  1. Go for walks! Benefits include but not limited to,

    -Your mood will improve
    -You'll feel more creative
    -Your skin will look younger
    -You'll increase your vitamin D levels

  2. Sit by the water, research shows that it can

        -lower stress and anxiety,

        -increase an overall sense of well-being and happiness,

        -lower heart and breathing rate


While I'm an advocate on preserving the planet and cleaning up the environment, I find driving for a few minutes helps :)

    3. Going for drives has it's advantages

        - A change of scenery
        - Find your creativity
        - Space to reflect


 Hope this lists helps with what to do this spring/summer!  

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