Mental Health Tips

Mental Health Tips

We're in a time now where humans are the most burnt out than ever before, we're at our most vulnerable, the western mentality is to work hard, make money & never take a break. When the pandemic began, we all had a glimpse of world peace. The whole planet was on lockdown. No work, no meetings, everything was shut down. It was a blessing in disguise, many of us learned new skills and to many it was much needed break from our everyday life. 


  • Take a sick leave from work!
    Depending on the company you work for, you are eligible for a paid sick leave for a certain amount of time. Take it, you deserve it. Put your pride aside and be there for yourself. 

  • Get a massage
    Another way to de-stress and unwind, is to take care of your body. Release the tension, toxins, your muscles and joints will thank you!
    I highly suggest this place if you're in the surrounding Montreal area

  • Write
    If you don't already write, try it out. Write your goals, dreams, feelings. Exercise that big mind of yours!

  • Read
    I've been putting this off for awhile too, read something you're interested in. A hobby you perhaps want to get into, or maybe continue that story of your favourite person, icon,athlete you admire!

  • Learn new skills
    Start a side business, youtube is a great resource to figure out the things you're curious about. Bread making, ecommerce, mechanics, the possibilities are endless!

  • Go for walks
    Breathe in that fresh air you've been missing, you owe it yourself. It's also good for your heart and mind. Take in the beauty of nature, look at what you've been missing in your area. 
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