Living Tips

Living Tips

I've been on my own for quite sometime, in my early 30s I've decided to leave the nest. 

I've always been a late bloomer, contrary to what people think, coming from in an immigrant family our parents want us to stay with them as long as possible, that is until we get engaged. 

For me, my patience and mental health has taken it's toll & when I finally got out on my own it was freedom. 

-A breathing / meditating routine; helps me start my day. Focus on your breathing and your thoughts, wiggle your extremities such as your toes and fingers. Don't forget to take deep breaths in and out!

-Surround yourself with plants; I have a basil plant, a chocolate pepper plant and a money tree. Being around organic life does something to your mind, it puts a sort of minimal pressure to care for them. It just helps with your overall space!

-Minimalism; the less clutter the better! I used to have an extensive sneaker collection which I've shrank down to a handful of pairs. My place is an open concept so when I walk in after a long day I'm not distracted by huge piles of useless objects and when you have company they'll appreciate the tidiness. Just a couch, table, my kitchen, a few books and plants. It's always good to keep a clean a neat space!

This is more of a mental health/living on your own tips, I'll compile another type of living solo tips soon!





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