Hair Tips for men

Hair Tips for men

I've been growing my hair for a number of years now, prior to that I was shaving my head once a week. I'm getting older now so it's time to take advantage of my lush hair before it thins and falls out!

  • Clean with cold water: Cold water preserves natural oils and keeps your hair manageable, gives it a healthy shine and loads it up with extra moisture giving it a smoother and shinier look. Cold water helps close the cuticles. Closed cuticles are smoother cuticles which can give your hair some much needed shine.

  • Don't clean regularly but rinse: What I mean by this is that I don't use shampoo to wash but I still rinse my hair 
    The potential benefits of skipping shampoo include:
    -healthier hair and scalp that produces a balanced amount of oil.
    -more voluminous hair.
    -better textured hair and less need for styling products.
    -less exposure to potentially irritating chemicals

  • Don't use / combine too many hair products: I've learned from trial and error, mixing products has caused my hair to stiffen up and get damaged. 
    Depending on how you style your hair, use one product. Mixing different chemicals/ ingredients 


Here are some of my favourite products to use to style my hair:

Johnny B hair spray, light smelling but holds up nicely!

 L'oral hair paste: styles up nicely and holds up to 24H

A huge variety of combs at your disposal:

There you have it! My tips, and some of my favourite products !

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