Negative Energy

How to deal with haters: SMILE & DANCE.
So someone posted a hateful comment on the DRPT Facebook page, random dude from U.S., whatever. Maybe this individual knows me? Maybe I've met them before? Crossed them negatively in some way? If so then they created this fake ass profile so they can't be traced and to not reveal who they are. Deleted, blocked, that's it. Hate brought me this far, and I'm going even further. Every year, it's nothing but progress. Projects and opportunities come my way. We'll be going into custom made apparel, releasing accessories, our design game is getting stronger, customer base is growing into other countries, etc. Point is, we all started somewhere, it's how you roll with the punches thrown at you is what matters. Basically, it's what I've been doing since the beginning , it's IGNORING ANYTHING & EVERYTHING NEGATIVE. It works. I mean, you did posted on my page didn't you?